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Sept 29

  Version 0.1Version 0.1 will be out bty Christmas!


firefox Welcome to the Castle Siege Project Website! Castle Siege is a Free Open Source Game for Linux and Windows using the Ogre 3D Engine. It is based in South France; the main character is Henry Thomas. Henry is a solider, who promises to return from the war after he is conscripted up by the English Army in his village. He has to survive sieges and take part in an epic tale of Promise, Return and War.

Current Team

Our Current Team Is as Follows:

  • Anton -Project Manager/Coding
  • Johan -3D Models
  • David -Admin/Story Line/Development
  • MasterDesigner -Music/Audio
  • Daniel -Programming
  • Keiran -Promotion
  • Help Needed

    Castle Siege still needs Help.

    What We Need


    If you can write C++ or Open GL using the Ogre 3D we need your help! We are always looking for people to come and write parts of the program as this takes the workload off others and shares it out.

    3D Modelers

    Without 3D Models the game can go no where. We need 3D Modelers who have experience in Blender or another 3D Program. Blender is a must because there are export plugins for Ogre 3D. We have a Modeler but it would be nice to share the workload.


    To make Castle Siege a great game Music is needed. If you can produce some Medieval Music under the GPL License then please get in touch, Medieval is the genre.